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A thought of my self.."Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none." Benjamin Franklin


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The End, Interviews and A Smile

The End

I started my degree studies on December 2007. As a 24 years old degree student, I realised that I was way behind others who are at the same age as mine.

During my 1st semester in Shah Alam, I met an old friend who uttered "Ko tak habis2 menyusahkan mak bapak ko ek," when I told him that I continue my study there. He graduated and was an MLMers during his studies. Quite a successful cheaters (if you ask me bout him..I know everything he did).

Initially, I refused to go for bachelor studies. It was my mother who talk me in to it. After 6 semesters..the ordeal ended on 26 November 2010 when I submitted my finalised report. Later on 10 December, it was confirmed that I finished my bachelor studies with 2nd class upper. Finally...It's the end of the final episode of The Dropout, 2nd season.

All the sweat, tears, blood, money and time had been paid off. It's all because of my parents. They work hard to support me because I didn't have any scholarship or loan.

Thank You Mak n Bapak...Thank You...Thank You

Alhamdulillah..I finally finish off things that I've started 8 years ago.

4 December 2010 - My last day as tenant in 59, Jalan Kristal 7/78... It is a wonderful neighborhood..nice people..nice environment..I will dearly miss that place and the neighbours.


Currently I am in job hunting mode. Attended few interviews and applied numbers of vacancies..so far..no luck yet..

A Smile

Beautiful Smiley Face :)  - You might be reading it now...hahaha

It's funny n weird when we look at where a smile could bring us too. With a shear of luck and thanks to the enhancement of today's technology on social networking, I finally met the owner of the beautiful smile which I was looking for months. Glad to meet u smiley face!!!  :)


Hi all..

I shed tears when I wrote this

I dedicate this to my father and mother
Md Rijani Bin Md Ibrahim
Hamidah Bt Sukaroo
They are the reason why I'm still fighting.
Mak dan bapak di Mina, Bapak dah bercukur menandakan keluar ihram (Tahalul Awal)

I was preparing my 2nd draft at that time. Alone in my room, that sentences means a lot to me

Yup...I miss them very much...but that's not the main reason.

I saw mak..shedding tears when she learned that I got kicked out from UTM. That was more than six years ago.

I saw myself 9, 6 and 3 years ago.

The words marked then end of my degree. Definitely not something that could be proud of...but..better late than never...

July 2004 - I learned that I was kicked out from UTM, at that time I was a substitute teacher in a school where currently my father is the headmaster. Mak's tears......
November 2004 - Enrolled for diploma in UiTM Penang
November 2007 - The end for diploma.
December 2007 - Continue studying for a degree in Shah Alam
November 2010 - my tears...

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah perjalanan hidupku, tetapkanlah iman ku, peliharalah diriku agar dapat aku berbakti kepada umat Muhammad, negaraku dan ibubapaku.

I am not the same as I was 15 years ago

I afraid of being alone on the stage. Either talking or performing to crowds, the idea of public speaking was too far away for me to handle. Why?

My Hands Trembling -
My Heart Racing and thumping like it's going to explode.
I would suddenly be insecure of myself...is my pants zipped? Is there anything on my head or behind me?

Until one day...and a class, and some experience gained during my university period...it is all in the past.

 3/4 individuals suffers from speech anxiety
I was one of the 75% during my teenage years
There's a class conducted by Mrs Shila Razlan for kids age 9 -14 years old to improve their public speaking skills.

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Doa yang ku kirim

Ya Allah, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim.

Aku mohon padamu Ya Allah,

Permudahkanlah urusanku,

Jadikanlah ilmu yang engkau kurniakan pada ku berguna untuk agamaMU, ibu bapaku, kaum keluargaku, guru-guruku dan rakan2ku.

Aku mohon padamu..

Permudahkanlah urusanku, jangan lalaikan aku dengan dunia agar aku tak lagi terpesong dari jalanMU.

Tunjukkanlah aku jalan yang benar, jalan yang Engkau redhai. Tunjukkanlah jalan yang patut aku ambil selepas semua yang aku lalui ini berakhir.

Sesungguhnya Engkau yang Maha Mengetahui isi hati aku ini.

Jauhkanlah dia dari segala gangguan. Rahmatilah dia dan permudahkanlah urusan hidupnya.

Kalau dia buruk untuk aku dan keluarga aku, jauhkanlah dia dari aku.

Kalau dia yang terbaik untuk aku dan keluargaku, engkau dekatkanlah dan mudahkanlah urusan kami berdua.

Kurniakanlah aku jodoh yang terbaik untuk ku.

Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, Ya Hafiz, Ya Hakim, Ya Azim, Ya Jabbar, Ya Mutakabbir. Ya Samii, Ya Zal Jala Liwal Ikram


can really drive us mad...

Love Allah..
Love your parents,
Love your friends and family
Love those who treated you right.
Love those who REALLY care about you..

I feel stupid..I am..

Politic - are you partisan or a thoughtful person?

I am a student of University Technology MARA. I'm bounded by Act 174 and because of that, I can't show which side I am although I am a registered voter. 

Fine..I'm ok with it. In fact, it doesn't bother me at all. I voted in the last PRU and I'm ok with the fact that I can't be on any side of the politics. It doesn't bother me at all.

Years after... I realize that I don't bother of becoming a member in any party..It doesn't annoy me..It didn't make me a sad person..and I'm not angry with the Act..

Because I don't know which party to chose..Seems like both sides are not my type...both sides are surprisingly have the same agenda...Both sides have the same mental capacity of an amoeba...Both sides make the same mistakes..Both sides did do something really good and the other side would make an issue out of it...Both sides want Malaysia for themselves..

Sadly..this is Malaysia..

And I'm proud to say that I'm not member of any party.

I'm a thoughtful person.

What's wrong is wrong and what's right is right.

My vote will go to those who do the right thing the most... 

So...Plz stop doing foolish thing..If you care about my vote.


'A Male's Perspective on Love' by Aidi Amin (NST)

I came across this while reading the online NST.
A good piece...

Girls, plz take note..

Original Link - Click HERE

A male's perspective on love

By Aidi Amin

CHILDREN show off their feelings unabashedly. There is a lot we can learn from them.
More often than not, I get cornered by friends -- girls -- once madly in love with their boyfriends but now swear they hate their guts. I will end up becoming the emotional punching bag for these distraught women.

Asked what brought about the massive "paradigm shift" in their feelings, these girls would say that they did not get a favourable response when they asked their boyfriends "What are we?" after a few weeks of dating.

Indeed, status is important. It is everything. For status, nations are willing to go to war. Women, and sometimes men, would go to great lengths to have the status of their relationships defined.
What is the definition of a relationship after dating for a certain period of time?

Social media sites such as Facebook have a convenient method for people to define their relationships. One can change the status in a split second, and sometimes without much thought. Many don't dwell on its significance. One can be "single", "in a relationship", or leave the status as "it's complicated" on Facebook. But if a guy's status remains "single" after dating someone for a while, the girl he is seeing might become frustrated and start having doubts.

But truth be told, contrary to what most women think, guys are not insensitive creatures. We are just practical.

And our actions often speak louder than words. Men are creatures of habit. Observe the way we treat you. Does your man lend you moral support? Is he reliable? Does he leave you in the lurch in times of need?

I believe that relationships should never be divided into stages. If you think your man is delaying commitment then ask yourself, "Am I happy with him?"

Relationships are not meant to be perfect. Conflict is healthy. It can strengthen a relationship if resolved properly.

Always ask yourself why you embarked on this journey with this guy in the first place.

Women must also know this -- as much as a guy might love you, it will dissipate if you keep on forcing him to do things against his will. Every time we resign ourselves to your wishes or accede to them, resentment will build up.

There are the men who abhor the word "commitment", but most just want to know more about the women they are going out with before they choose to settle down and make her the mother of their children. Until then, these men might "multi-date". During this period, they might keep a certain distance and be non-committal.

Bear with them. If they see a future with you, they will bare all in time.


Is it really that hard???



To blog readers..or passer by...Happy Eid Fitr

Sekarang waktu menunjukkan jam 1.20 pagi..Hari Jumaat, 10 September 2010.

Aku telah sampai di rumah orang tuaku di Nibong Tebal pada hari Selasa (7 September) yang lepas.

Raya..Satu perkara yang aku harap sangat2 tapi tak menjadi..Untuk menyambut raya bersama orang yang aku harap sgt untuk aku jadikan............

Takper..bukan rezeki...Not a reason to kill the excitement..but believe me...I'm really not in the mood..

A little bit about me..

Alhamdulillah..I get enough rest as soon as I arrived safely at my parents house...( only 3 hours of sleep for 72 hours).. Insomnia...Plzzzz..Go away...I know you have a very good reason to keep me awake..but I need to have a good rest or I'll stop functioning well..Plzzzzzzzzzz.

Alhamdulillah.. This year Raya will be more exciting since my brother is joining us..He wasn't here last year because he was in St. Petersburg, Russia. The worst Raya for me, my siblings and my parents.

Alhamdulillah.. I've finished my first batch of experiment with Faculty of Applied Science, UiTM..Kudos to Mr Ahmad Kambali (Lab Asst), PM Dr. Rohaya (Deputy Dean) and the post grad students who kept me occupied..

Alhamdulillah.. I'm better since the last 2 weeks..It's still killing me sometimes..And I'm still not stable emotionally..but I haven't burst out yet..since there is always someone who ease it up informally..


Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Mohd Hafiz Safwan Bin Md Rijani
SRK Methodist N. Tebal 95
SMK Agama Nibong Tebal 00
SMK Methodist Nibong Tebal 00
SM Sultan Abdul Halim (Jenan) 00

Matrikulasi Kolej Taj 01/02
Red Sierra Rovers, Sekreteriat Rakan Muda, Fak. Kejuruteraan Mekanikal, UTM Skudai 02/06
JPK Mutiara, Fak. Kejuruteraan Mekanikal, UiTM Pulau Pinang 04-07
Fak Kejuruteraan Mekanikal, UiTM Shah Alam 07-10

Was it really that obvious?

I'm not bragging..

I am 27 years old..

Last year I was 26 years old when people tot that I'm 22 or at least 23 years old..(Yezzzzaaaaaa)Which made me grinning for days..

And today I was at FSG (Faculty of Applied Science), one of the postgrad student said this "Ye ke student degree...final year kan? tapi awak nampak macam dah berumur la..,"

and I was like...WTF!!! (oppsss...quickly acknowledge that I'm fasting)

I ask, "Nampak saya macam umur brapa?"

"30..camtu ar,"

I just cant believe it...

I'm cool at that time..It was just an ordinary conversation with a stranger..a lovely girl..

While waiting for the SPME (Solid Phase Micro Extraction) to develop, I sat down and start to think about it..

I'm not mad..I'm not exaggeratedly replied "muka ko macam makcik!!!," (Believe me she's not..hehehe)

No..I'm not...I'm cool..And I let my mind to try to understand it..

I walked out and went to the toilet..see myself in the mirror.. my eye bag...It's been a while.. Too tired ..due to the lack of sleep..and the effect of the petrol fumes..I smile to myself..and I quickly noticed that I am not as happy as I was..I faked it..

I always consider myself as a happy go lucky guy..even there are people who told me that If God's willing, I'll die smiling (Aminnnnn) because my default face is smiling...(more like grinning i guess)..

But seeing myself in the mirror at that particular time made me realise one thing...Everything inside me right now is being displayed..on my face...

Yes...I am in stress...but I manage my job well (I guess so because I haven't worried yet). Yes...I'm not emotionally healthy right now..and it was just less than a week ago...n I hate myself...

When you were pushed to the edge...It is either to fall or to move away from it...I fall..And that's why I am the one who took the blame.. And I blame myself..for putting my self in the situation that make my life miserable..

Job loads are the best remedy I have in Shah Alam...Yeah...It just offer a diversion during the day..and later at night...It is hard to get a good sleep..really hard..

The best sleep I had was a day after our relationship ended..why..because I was at home..I am with my parents, my siblings, my niece.

Currently...I'm still in Shah Alam...

Last post as a 26 years old guy...

It's 9.53 pm 30th August 2010.

Exactly 2 hours and 7 minutes..I'll be a year older...

well...to be exact..the time was 1.20 am...but officially..at 12 am..I am 27 years old.

I share the same birthday with Cik Da and Muiz Ishak (Friends from Matrik Taj 2001-2002)...along with Paman Sham (my mother's cousin)..There might be more..but it was as far as I know.

Happy Birthday to myself, Cik Da, Muiz, Paman Sham and those who were born on the same day...and not to be forgotten...it was also the birthday of a nation..Malaya.

Considering myself as a patriotic person...I realized that I owe the nation and the people much..And I know I should pay my debt to the society.

I'll be a year older..

With nothing to be proud of. (at the age of 26...I have nothing)

Without the one I was hoping to be my other half (Yup...back to numero uno..)..just days ago..

Without my family..(Currently I'm in Shah Alam)



I am blessed by Allah..

- I got the opportunity to redeem myself.
- Blessed with super supportive parents and siblings.
- Blessed with super supportive friends.
- Blessed with the superb conditions of life.
- Blessed with countless life changing experiences.
- Blessed with Superb teachers and lecturers.
- Blessed with the happy life I am having currently.
- Blessed to love and to be love...although it was just last for 259 days but it did taught me what's life is all about.
- Blessed with countless morale help from my family (parents and siblings..even my niece), my friends, my lecturer, seniors and even strangers...Yup...Strangers...believe it or not..I am blessed.
- Blessed with superb condition of health (my left knee is the only problem I have)
- Blessed with good grades..although I do wonder if I really earn it.


From The Bottom Of My Heart-
Thank You Mak n Bapak..You guys are the reason on why I never stop fighting..Thank You..

Thank You to my siblings - Hilmi n Hasni, Muim, Akmal n Izzati 

Thank You my friends - You guys are great..Thank you for lending me your ears and the shoulder to cry on. There are hundreds of you in my FB..And I treasure you guys more than the friends status in there...Thank You

Thank You - To my extended family member...Paman-Paman, Mamu-mamu, Bibik-bibik and Aunty-Aunty, cousins, second cousins, mom's cousins...pendek kata..Everyone lah..Everytime I land myself into trouble..I won't worry much because I know that my family are the best... 

Thank You - to strangers who sent by Allah to help me to overcome my emotions..To help me to realize that there are more important things to think about rather than being overcome by sadness that caused by a broken relationship.

Thank You - to my teachers and lecturers..who inspired me..who taught me well..and showered me with knowledge

Thank You Allah... Because they were all sent by You to help me..to make me a better person..to make me useful to them..and to make me love myself more..


Happy Birthday to me..

Mohd Hafiz Safwan Bin Md Rijani
31 Ogos 1983
1.20 am

The last thing I want it to happened

But it happened..
after 259 days.

It shows the true colour of mine..

It shows the ugliness of mine..

And all that happened in front of you..

I'm not a cheater..I am, but not to you..

You know my feeling towards you..and to see you in pain was the last thing I want to see..

To end our relationship was also the last thing that I wanted to.

But it happened..on the 259th day.

We both know and remember how it all started..we both know how we treat each other since the beginning of our relationship..We both know the mistakes that we've made towards each other..

It was my mistake..For failing to understand you more...

It was my mistake..

Yes...It was.

Thank you for everything..
Thank you....

Today's Entry...after 259 days...


But not available...

Less than 48 hours...I'll make a fresh start...If I don't do that..I won't be able to move on with my life

I hate to do this..but I need it..for the sake of my future..my life..my soul..
Thank You

Today's Entry...after 259 days...


But not available...

Thank You

Advance Birthday Wishes

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahiwabarakatuh,
Ok..My Birthday (same with Cik Da) is 10 days ahead...

I wished two friends for their birthday (today and yesterday) and received 3 advance birthday wishes..which makes me blurred for a while before I realise that mine is not far away too..It's from Hannani (19th August, Suria 20th August and Santz)..Thank You So Much!!! hehehehe (jgn salah faham lak...ni luahan perasaan jer nih)

I'm getting older..In fact..we are all getting older..but Birthday marks the official date for our yearly age to be +1.This simple summation at that particular date was once welcomed... And it starting to annoy me...HAHAHAHA

I'm just 26 years old---currently--- and I'll be a year older...Lucky to be alive, well and healthy...Although without any achievement that can be proud of.. I should be thankful that I'm given the chance to redeem myself. Hopefully to be useful to others and most importantly to be someone that my parents (and myself) can be proud of....I SHOULD
I'm 26 years old, former UTM dropout who managed to finish his diploma course and struggling for my final semester bachelor degree..While most of my friends are working...earning..married or getting married, have kids (and some of them already have 2 kids)..Even my younger brother are married and have a lovely daughter (Wak Nang balik niiii..tunggu tau).....I should be thankful because I'm blessed with  SUPER SUPPORTIVE parents and family..I should be thankful that they gave me a chance...I should be thankful that my mom works extra hours to pay for my tuition fee so that I can be a full time student..I SHOULD...

I'm Just 26 years old, not available and currently looking forward on how I can seal the relationship I have the fastest way I can..I have nothing..My target is within a year from now but let see how it goes. I should be thankful...for everything I have endured..the one that I want the most had given me chance for me to feel that again...It's killing me cause I can't take it further (engagement) ..but again...I should be thankful...I SHOULD..


"Ya Allah, Kurniakanlah aku kesabaran..kurniakanlah aku ketabahan..kurniakanlah aku kemudahan..
Permudahkanlah urusanku sebagai fisabilillah..
Permudahkanlah hidupku agar dapat aku berbakti kepada orang tuaku, keluargaku, sahabat2ku, guru2 ku serta mereka yang engkau kehendaki untuk beroleh manfaat dari ilmu yang telah Engkau kurniakan padaku.

Jauhkanlah aku dari fitnah, malapetaka dan maksiat. Berkatilah perasaan yang Engkau letakkan dalam hati ini agar dapat aku satukan 2 keluarga. "

Amin Ya Rabb

A bit about what the hell I'm doing currently


Currently, I'm all out for my FYP II (Final Year Project). Not 100% but enough to say that I'm sweating like a pig, had several sleepless night, getting high on petrol (both regular and premium grade), my pockets are drying up faster than usual, my eyes started to form eye bag (eewwww..hahahaha..since when I care about my face?)..

My project is about RON 95 and RON 97 petrol... a theoretical investigation..

Playing with petrol...sniffing the fumes..arghhhhhhh..

How to be nice when you are not in the mood?

Lately..my mood swing was unbelievable..a'la PMS..hahahaha

Even Ikin wasn't spared..she knew..and she asked me to drink water right after our conversation ended..which makes me wonder...Is it too obvious? I try my best not to show it off...mind you..it was a telephone call. Which the only culprit is my voice tone..WTF!!!!!!!!

Lying is one of my speciality. In some occasion..I over did....like pretending to be in great stomach ache..for the sake of an MC...I got what i want..+ a buscopan jab too( not once...I did that twice)....hahahaha

But seems that I'm losing my lying senses...

Yeah..something is bothering me lately.. and the question is the same...."to..or not to..?"

Multiple choice question...

Subjects are about subjective thing..which is difficult to measure.. Another question is Why?

May Allah bless us with His guidance.
"Show us the straight path..The path taken by those who Thou hast favoured.Not (the path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.." - Al-Fatihah.

One Quote

“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.” ~ William Arthur Ward

It's true for me...

Kek Lapis Sarawak...

This is not a paid advertisement...This is my social responsibility to a friend of mine..

Kek Lapis Sarawak..
3-4 tahun lepas, bapak aku bawak balik dari sana beberapa roll kek.. bila tgk pada potongan2 kecik tu....rasa sayang sgt nak makan sebab sangat CANTIK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masalahnya..bila dah berjaya masuk dalam mulut....Sangat Sedap sampai aku makan sambil tutup mata (sebab taknak terpesona ngan kecantikannya dan taknak susah2 pikir camner diorang leh susun kek tu satu2...pening...)

Sejak tahun lepas..member aku nih wat bisness nih..
Please refer here.

URL: http://www.keklapisasli-sarawak.blogspot.com/

Kalau sapa2 yang teringin tu leh arr try..antaranya 

December 2005...I wrote this piece on my FS Bulletin Board...

 Aku dok pusing2 kat dalam friendster..terbukak inbox..lepas aku aku baca balik satu2 mesej yang member2 hantar..banyak yang ingatkan aku kat kawan2 lama..banyak yang ingatkan aku kepada insan2 yang pernah bergelar sahabat..dapat jugak la carik balik 2-3 orang kat FB..yer laa..fs skarang nih dah tak sepopular dulu..

Salah satu kegemaran aku di zaman awal sebelum aku ada blog, aku suka tulis kat bulletin board. Semuanya akan aku letak tajuk macam : "To All...This is Mohd Hafiz Safwan a.k.a BuSu The Legend " so that membe2 tahu yang benda yang aku post tu bukan forwarded e-mail or something like that.

Posting aku tu pulak selalunya pasal Reunion, pasal yellow pages (Directory) untuk budak jenan batch aku, pasal berita2 berkaitan yang rasanya patut aku forward (macam berita tentang pemergian Arwah Cikgu Hamdan)....dan entry terbanyak rasanya tentang perasaan aku..Wah...jiwang sial..

Perkara yang membuatkan aku terjumpa balik salah satu posting lama nih adalah kerana reply dari rakan2 yang concern..Thanks to you all yang tak buang posting asal aku dan biarkan ia attached ngan reply korang..aku jumpa balik khazanah alam istimewa ni.

Aku tulis posting di bawah tu pada Disember 2005...4 tahun lebih setelah kegagalan cinta pertama.

Nampak kekurangan matang dalam posting nih..segan aku...hahahaha

Pun begitu, aku akur ngan kehendak takdir...pendek kata redha lah..

Rasanya yang buatkan kita takleh lupakan peristiwa lama tu adalah sebab kita masih attached ngan apa2 yang berkaitan ngan dia ataupun sebab apa yang kita tengah usahakan tu atas sebab dia..

Tu yang aku dapat simpulkan dari apa yang aku sendiri tulis..5 tahun lepas.. Yup...masa tu aku masih in contact..tu yang buat aku masih pikir pasal dia..masih ada phone number dia..masih bermesej ngan dia..It's hard..

So..if you want to get over it..leave everything behind..

Kengkawan semua..jgn muntah yer baca menatang nih..

"Skidezourus wrote:
hemph...macam nak nyanyi lagu..
You're just to good to be true
can't take my eyes of you...
tukar sket..can't take my mind of you..
bila saja teringat..bila saja aku sakit..bila saja dia sms aku..bila saja terlintas nama dia dalam henset..mesti aku ngeluh..awat laaa ...awat laaa
..pastu sesenyap mungkin..aku akan kata..takder jodoh kot..she may get someone better thanme..n i should be happy for her..a slight relief..cleared chest..but empty feeling..this time..a song from Akon.. Lonely....i'm so lonely...

human memory vs time..proven that such memory (of the one we love/care about) last forever..
try ask ur parents..whether they can still remember their Ex..hehe..like my father...ingat lagi dia smpi sekarang..time runs everything in our life..but since u can't forget ur former "special" friend..still wondering if the clock can turned back to that lovely time..(eventough it was just less than a month)..

think again..it won't happen..unless..if she is the one..((lagu lain pulak..Daniel Bedingfield- If You're not TheOne)) accept it..be grateful coz she still ur friend..you'll be happy for her..

that's why..pada rakan2 ku yang kadang2 aku tak tak support korang pasang spare tyre..bukan apa..macam aku nih..nak dapat sorang pun susah..hiiii..yang dok ada elok2 pi cari hat lain buat apa..cubala selami perasaan mangsa2 tu sket.. (jgn kata aku berpaling tadah lak..) kut mana pun suka ati laaa..kantoi..tanggung sendiri..

satu kelemahan ketara aku..aku takleh bezakan antara orang yang aku suka ngan rakan2lain..aku layan sama jer..mesej tak sampai..mungkin aku takder perasaan sgt..unlike years ago..miss the ol' time..or maybe i'm too scared..or maybe i haven't seen the quality which i've seen before tapi..tu la yang buat manusia unik..terima seadanya..

sensitif sgt lak...
*para pembaca sekalian..jgn ambil kesah sgt
pasal nih..just luahan hati yang sendirian..((lagu jamal Abdillah lak..apatah tajuk..tak ingat))"

The Finale' Episod of the Dropout...

Assalamualaikum W.B.T

Disember 2007, aku dan rakan2 mula bermukim di Shah Alam..

Hari ini, setelah 2 tahun setengah bergelut..akhirnya tibalah masa untuk pengajian bagi semester terakhir.

Macam baru kena tendang dari UTM sebulan lepas...hahahahaha


Mood kecewa membelenggu perasaan ini. I'm not blaming anyone...I'm blaming myself...I hurt my own feeling even though I've vowed no to let such thing happened again...

The pain was great but bearable..As what promised by Allah, He won't test us with the test which we can't cope with.

I don't know how long it will take to heal..I don't know how this would affect my future..Will I be more critical towards my inner-self? Will I be more critical to others?

Bapa dan Anak Perempuannya (Father and His Daughter)

Assalamualaikum W.B.T..
Hi all,

I just want to share this with you guys. Below is a combination of 2 photograph. One is taken in 1985 and another one was taken last week. The baby in the old photograph is my brother, Mohd Hafiz Hilmi and in the new photograph is his daughter, Hannah Humaira Bt Mohd Hafiz Hilmi.
 Hannah is near 7 month old and her dad will be 26 years old this year. Her father is the second of 5 siblings (I'm the eldest).

Jangan Mengeluh!!!

Terjumpa nih sewaktu menyelongkar Sent Item dalam emel lama. Telah di sampaikan kepada semua rakan-rakan selepas menerimanya dari Paman Chem (Sepupu mak aku). Tetiba rasa macam nak letak kat blog nih. Ingatan buat diri saya sendiri jugak yang baru ditimpa musibah dan di dalam kesusahan..(huhuhuhu)

Kita selalu Bertanya....................dan Al-Quran sudah menjawabnya.................


"Apakah manusia itu mengira bahawa mereka dibiarkan saja mengatakan; "Kami telah beriman," ("I am full of faith to Allah") sedangkan mereka tidak diuji? Dan sesungguhnya Kami telah menguji org2 yg sebelum mereka, maka sesungguhnya Allah mengetahui org2 yg benar dan, sesungguhnya Dia mengetahui org2 yg dusta."

-Surah Al-Ankabut ayat 2-3


"Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesua tu padahal ia amat baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi pula kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu, Allah mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui."

- Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 216


"Allah tidak membebani seseorang itu melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya."

- Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 286


"Jgnlah kamu bersikap lemah, dan jgnlah pula kamu bersedih hati, padahal kamulah org2 yg paling tinggi darjatnya, jika kamu org2 yg beriman."

- Surah Al-Imran ayat 139


"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Bersabarlah kamu (menghadapi segala kesukaran dalam mengerjakan perkara-perkara yang berkebajikan), dan kuatkanlah kesabaran kamu lebih daripada kesabaran musuh, di medan perjuangan), dan bersedialah (dengan kekuatan pertahanan di daerah-daerah sempadan) serta bertaqwalah (be fearfull of Allah The Almighty) kamu kepada Allah supaya, kamu berjaya (mencapai kemenangan)."


"Dan mintalah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dengan jalan sabar dan mengerjakan sembahyang; dan sesungguhnya sembahyang itu amatlah berat kecuali kepada orang-orang yang khusyuk"

- Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 45


"Sesungguhnya Allah telah membeli dari org2 mu'min, diri, harta mereka dengan memberikan syurga utk mereka... ?

- Surah At-Taubah ayat 111


"Cukuplah Allah bagiku, tidak ada Tuhan selain dari Nya. Hanya kepadaNya aku bertawakkal."

- Surah At-Taubah ayat 129


"... ..dan jgnlah kamu berputus asa dr rahmat Allah. Sesungguhnya tiada berputus asa dr rahmat Allah melainkan kaum yg kafir."

- Surah Yusuf ayat 12

Semoga ada kebaikkan yang boleh kita semua perolehi dari semua nih

Something to be shared...

I saw a friend's status msg...

Jangan engkau kahwini wanita yang enam, jangan yang ananah, yang mananah, dan yang hananah, dan jangan engkau kahwini yang hadaqah, yang baraqah dan yang syadaqah.

Wanita Ananah: Banyak mengeluh dan mengadu dan tiap saat memperalatkan sakit atau buat-buat sakit.

Wanita Mananah: Suka membangkit-bangkit terhadap suami. Wanita ini sering menyatakan "Aku membuat itu keranamu".

Wanita Hananah: Menyatakan kasih sayangnya kepada suaminya yang lain, yang dikahwininya sebelum ini atau kepada anaknya dari suami yang lain.

Wanita Hadaqah: Melemparkan pandangan dan matanya pada tiap sesuatu, lalu menyatakan keinginannya untuk memiliki barang itu dan memaksa suaminya untuk membelinya.

Wanita Baraqah: Ada 2 makna, pertama yang sepanjang hari mengilatkan dan menghias mukanya, kedua dia marah ketika makan dan tidak mahu makan kecuali sendirian dan diasingkannya bahagiannya.

Wanita Syadaqah: Banyak cakap tidak menentu lagi bising.

Dicatat oleh Imam Al-Ghazalli

This post is different....Bersahabat Kerana ...

I've been through some difficult situation. Most of the time, there no immediate family member to help me. Helps came mostly from friends..

I recall the time when I was in matriculation program. I was sick..so sick that I pee during sleep. my nose bleed and my head is boiling. All that happened in one night. I manage to clean up my mess but I'm too weak to seek help from the lecturers..Friends came in to help.

That was one of many stories about my buddies..

I came across this post from a friend blog..Cik Huda
The original post is here.

Republished is as written below. Credits goes to Cik Huda and the original writer.

To all my friends, Berjumpa dan Berpisah Kerana Allah...Terima Kasih atas segalanya. To someone I care so much..thank you dear...

Dengan Nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang.
Selawat dan Salam ke atas junjungan mulia Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. serta seluruh ahli keluarga dan sahabat baginda...

Imam al-Nawawi dalam Riyadhussolihin menyebut dalam satu bab khusus “Kelebihan berkasih kerana Allah”, yang merujuk kepada persahabatan yang terjalin bagi mencari keredhaan Allah S.W.T. dan turut dijelaskan tentang persahabatan yang diredhai Allah S.W.T.

Beliau memulakan bab ini dengan dua ayat al-Quran iaitu ayat 29 surah al-Fath yang bermaksud “Muhammad iaitu Rasulullah dan orang yang bersamanya bersikap keras tegas terhadap orang kafir yang memusuhi mereka dan bersikap penyayang dalam kalangan sesame mereka (orang islam)”.

Satu algi ayat yang disebut beliau ialah ayat 9 Surah al-Hasyr yang bermaksud
“Dan orang ansar yang mendiami Madinah dan memiliki keimanan sebelum (berlaku penghijrahan) itu, mereka mengasihi orang Muhajirin yang datang berhijrah kepada mereka (madinah)”.

Selain itu Imam al-Nawawi juga ada menyebut 11 hadis yang berkaitan dengan tajuk ini.
Antaranya ialah sebuah hadis popular yang diriwayatkan oleh Bukhari dan Musli iaitu tentang tiga sifat yang memungkinkan kita menikmati kemanisan iman. Pertama TIADA YANG LEBIH DICINTAI MELEBIHI ALLAH DAN RASULULLAH. Kedua, MENGASIHI SAHABAT KERANA ALLAH. Ketiga, MEMBENCI KEKUFURAN SEPERTI DIA MEMBENCI SEKSAAN NERAKA. Begitu sekali tingginya kedudukan persahabatan yang terjalin hasil keikhlasan mencari keredhaan Allah S.W.T.


Sebuah hadis lagi yang masyhur dibawa oleh Imam al-Nawawi ialah hadis yang diriwayatkan oleh Bukhari dan Muslim tentang 7 golongan yang akan dinaungi ‘Arasy di akhirat nanti. Antara 7 golongan itu salah satunya suka ditekankan di sini sabdanya “Dua orang sahabat yang bersahabat kerana Allah, mereka bertemu kerana Allah dan mereka berpisah juga kerana Allah”.

Persahabatan mereka tidak dicemari langsung apa-apa niat tidak baik atau kepentingan diri atau prasangka dan perbuatan buruk. Semoga kita dikurniakan persahabatan sebegini.

Dalam sebuah hadis lain Rasulullah S.A.W. member gambaran yang mendalam bagi mengukuhkan maksud hadis di atas, Hadis yang diriwayatkan oleh Muslim ini antara lain menceritakan tentang seruan Allah S.W.T. di akhirat nanti:
“Manakah orang yang berkasih sayang dengan sebab kemualiaan-Ku? Kerana hari ini Aku akan naungi mereka dengan naungan Ku pada hari yang tiada naungan lagi selain naungan-Ku.”

Begitu sekali seruan Allah S.W.T. dalam memberikan ganjaran kepada mereka yang berkasih-sayang dan bersahabat demi mencari keredhaan Allah S.W.T.


Sebuah lagi hadis yang dibawakan oleh Imam al-Nawawi iaitu tentang anjuran serta galakan untuk kita memberitahu sahabat bahawa kita mengasihinya kerana Allah S.W.T.
Hadis diriwayatkan oleh Abu Daud dan al-NAsa’ie, Baginda berkata kepada salah seorang sahabat bernama Mu’az bin Jabal: “Ya Mu’az, demi Allah, sesungguhnya aku mengasihi mu. Kemudian aku ingin berpesan, kepada mu jangan engkau lupa membaca selepas solat doa berikut (yang bermaksud): WAHAI TUHANKU, BANTULAH AKU UNTUK MENGINGATI-MU, BERSYUKUR KEPADA-MU, dan MENGELOKKAN IBADAH UNTUK-MU”.

Lihat bagaimana Rasulullah S.A.W. sendiri memberitahu Mu’az tentang kasih Baginda sebagai seorang sahabat. Kemudian sesudah itu Baginda menunaikan tanggungjawab sebagai sahabat dengan member pesanan berkaitan doa yang amat baik dibaca selepas solat. Itulah sikap seorang sahabat – ikhlas dan inginkan kebaikan dunia dan akhirat bagi sahabatnya!

Ya Allah, kurniakanlah kami sahabat yang mengasihi kami kerana-MU, kurniakan untuk kami kekuatan untuk mengasihi mereka dalam mencari keredhaan- MU dan bantulah kami untuk bersama mentaati-Mu. Amin, ya Rabbal ‘alamin.

Doa minta dikasihi Rakan-Rakan

Allahumma habbib ‘abdika ha za ilaa ‘ibadikal mu’minina wa habbib ilaiyal mu’minin ”
Maksudnya: “Ya Allah jadikanlah hamba-Mu ini dicintai pada hati orang-orang yang beriman, dan jadikanlah mereka mencintai orang-orang yang beriman”.

(rujuk kitab Mukhtasar Silah al-Mukmin, bab Fi Talab al-Du’a’. karangan Imam al-Zahabi)
Sumber: Solusi - Isu 7.
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