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A thought of my self.."Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none." Benjamin Franklin


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Maybe it was fated, yes it was fated alright... That fateful Saturday morning, he got up early. Eager to go home, took his shower, had a clean shave, dress-up and posed for prayer. Supposed to be discharged by 10 a.m.

As his usual self, the neighbours in neighbouring beds saw how happy he was that morning. Moving around with the dripper stand beside him, he never shows worriedness nor anxiety or even fear, less the emotion of pain that builds up in his chest.

Weeks before that, the feeling of uneasiness mushroomed his thought. He knew something is not right. The chest pain, the left hand getting weaker each day and difficulty in breathing has weakend him. He needs rest but the hectic days never gave him the opportunity of getting it.

So off to the hospital he went not only to get treatment but primarily to rest. His brother is already there in bed at the ICU. He made it clear to his children not to informed others of his being warded at the hospital to minimise obstruction of the rest he really needs.

True to his knowledge, he felt better after a week. But going home, has become no easy task. The pain, the sickness, greet him again and after three days he gave up and drive this time straight to the General Hospital (GH).

The doctors told him they will do whatever they can and describe the best possible treatment. Visitors were told by him that the operation that he is going through is normal. No problems will arise, and he is going to get the best doctor available in GH. So the visitors left with a very high expection that this man will survive easily.

Fate has its own way of making simple occasion into a history. The operating theater at the GH is under major renovation. They have that facility at the nearest hospital in Alor Star only. The movement, the personnel and those involve was noted down and carefully planned. Monday, 21st July was chosen as the Sultanah Bahayah Hospital would be ready to receive the patient and its group staff of doctors and nurses. And so off they went that morning.

The operation went on at four p.m. and ended at around 7 pm. A PTCA was performed on him but along the way they found he had five blocks and one of them is 100 percent. That is not good news according to the doctors. But crossing their fingers, they ask the family members present to pray for the best. The doctors after going through a vigorous time of checking all the readings which goes by the minute, only declared the next day that the patient is responding normally, and the operation was a success, but still the monitoring has to go on.

Others were informed of the success, and all are happy. Till the very last minute, the happiness was still there. Most are anxious to visit him at his home. The waiting was shortlived however.

Saturday : 26th July

The news came at around 9.30 am that he has passed away before 9 a.m. that day. The shocking news was hard to absorb. The chair next to where I was standing cushioned me when I suddenly knew I've lost another brother.

Though hard to swallow, life has to go on.....


Busu Wrote:

It was 9.45 a.m on 26th of July. I was preparing myself to go to Faculty of Civil Engineering as Student Facilitator for Modul PPKP(prog pembangunan dan Kepimpinan Pelajar). I was about to go when my brother (Hilmi-The Great Teacher) called in and tell me the news. I was shocked but quickly realise that I wasn't anywhere near home. I called another brother(Muim-The UiTM Law Student) to broke the news and ask him to get himself ready and to meet me at my house.

I planned the quickest route possible. The earliest bus to leave Shah Alam for Butterworth was at 2 p.m. And that was when I thought Puduraya has bus leaving for Butterworth at every hour.

Cikun sent us to Padang Jawa LRT station. Boarded komuter to KL Sentral. At KL sentral, we wondered around, bought some food from Mc D and boarded Rapid KL (previously known as Putra LRT). We took Masjid Jamek station and proceed to Puduraya on foot.

The ticket was sold at staggering RM50 per seat. Paid 2 tickets(RM100) and try not to punch or kick the ticket counter since we were on emergency purpose. The person at the counter told us that the bus is already waiting at Platform 18. The bus is scheduled to leave at 1.00pm. Huh..the Bus leave Mydin (infront of maybank Tower) at 1.50 p.m..baik naik kat Shah Alam jer..

At the end, we couldn't make it on time to attend the funeral. Sick of those bastards who earn their livings by extorting money from people in need.

Al Fatihah untuk Arwah Mamu Yusuf. Takziah buat keluarganya. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang soleh.

Mohd Hafiz Safwan Md Rijani

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Let me see...How do I start this post with? Owh..the title reminds me of a dialog from House Md. "As the philosopher Jagger said, "you can't always get what you want.". "You Can't Always Get What You Want" is a song by the Rolling Stones released on their 1969 album Let It Bleed. Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, it was named as the 100th greatest song of all time by Rolling Stone in its 2004 list of "500 Greatest Songs of All Time."~Wiki~

How does it reflect the whole life we are living in right now? Life isn't fair?

Life is fair. Really...I mean it.
For me life is fair. I get to live and keep my head busy thinking about so many things. Thinking about the power of the Creator. Thinking about how complex the world is. Thinking about the report proposal (Which initially required to be hand in next morning-But the class had been canceled..yeehaaaa..Ma'am, you are not one of my blog readers right?)

Life is fair..I let my parents down but they don't disown me. They gave me second chance and I succeeded. They are happy(hopefully) and I'm happy too.

Life is fair because whenever I'm emotionally down, my parents or siblings or friends or even strangers will offer comfort and advices which kept me going all this years.

Life is fair ,eventhough I can't get everything that I want, but I felt lucky all the times.

Life is fair even though I was a university drop out, I learned it the harder way...and that will help me to go through this difficult journey.

Life is fair - My ex-girlfriend married and I'm sure that the man he love(his husband) would take care of her better than I am. I'm happy for her- Really.

Life is fair. My brother is going to get married on August 2008(I'm the eldest) . I'm happy for him and at the same time I'm predicting how much Duit Raya will I receive this year. I'm still eligible for Duit Raya(I'm a student). I am more childish than my brother is(he is month away before changing his status). People often assumed that i'm 3-4 years younger than my real age. My brother looks older than me..hahahahah.

Life is fair. I had a big wound behind my back after being 'back stabbed' by someone and he was punished (not by me,Divine intervention...I guess).

Life is fair. I have an enemy(the tag 'enemy' will be dropped if he apologize) but blessed with infinity friendsssssss.

Life is fair. Mc D's outlets is always near me whenever I need my chocolate sundae...huahuahua (sok nak gi makan aiskrim)

Life is fair. Rain can make me + my notes wet or destroyed but there are people who just can't stop being thankful to God for showering the earth. (Don't curse the rain, remind yourself)

Life is fair. I'm dark, not so tall and not so handsome. But my face is spared from chronic acne problems, my hair is straight, my teeth is whiter and cleaner than sesapa lah(taknak sebut kat sini). Some people might say that I'm fat but I consider myself as chubby(hehehe). I have dark skin but people always tell me that " hang tak gelap laa, hang MANIS," (I hate that before, but now i'm flattered)

Life is fair. I'm not qualified(I know that it's not the correct word) (I'm a student, she is somebody now) to start ' tackling' the heart of a girl that I admired currently. But, I'm very happy whenever i saw her.

Life is fair. Really..Try to think positive each time you were tested. Remain focus and keep your mind in rationale mode every time.

P/S: I couldn't sleep last night. So, I wrote my 2 cents of thoughts on how I valued my life right now. I believe that I'm Happy. Some elaborations may seems be unfair...but I'm satisfied with it. Fair is not just about 50-50.

Mohd Hafiz Safwan md Rijani
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