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A thought of my self.."Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none." Benjamin Franklin


Last post as a 26 years old guy...

It's 9.53 pm 30th August 2010.

Exactly 2 hours and 7 minutes..I'll be a year older...

well...to be exact..the time was 1.20 am...but officially..at 12 am..I am 27 years old.

I share the same birthday with Cik Da and Muiz Ishak (Friends from Matrik Taj 2001-2002)...along with Paman Sham (my mother's cousin)..There might be more..but it was as far as I know.

Happy Birthday to myself, Cik Da, Muiz, Paman Sham and those who were born on the same day...and not to be forgotten...it was also the birthday of a nation..Malaya.

Considering myself as a patriotic person...I realized that I owe the nation and the people much..And I know I should pay my debt to the society.

I'll be a year older..

With nothing to be proud of. (at the age of 26...I have nothing)

Without the one I was hoping to be my other half (Yup...back to numero uno..)..just days ago..

Without my family..(Currently I'm in Shah Alam)



I am blessed by Allah..

- I got the opportunity to redeem myself.
- Blessed with super supportive parents and siblings.
- Blessed with super supportive friends.
- Blessed with the superb conditions of life.
- Blessed with countless life changing experiences.
- Blessed with Superb teachers and lecturers.
- Blessed with the happy life I am having currently.
- Blessed to love and to be love...although it was just last for 259 days but it did taught me what's life is all about.
- Blessed with countless morale help from my family (parents and siblings..even my niece), my friends, my lecturer, seniors and even strangers...Yup...Strangers...believe it or not..I am blessed.
- Blessed with superb condition of health (my left knee is the only problem I have)
- Blessed with good grades..although I do wonder if I really earn it.


From The Bottom Of My Heart-
Thank You Mak n Bapak..You guys are the reason on why I never stop fighting..Thank You..

Thank You to my siblings - Hilmi n Hasni, Muim, Akmal n Izzati 

Thank You my friends - You guys are great..Thank you for lending me your ears and the shoulder to cry on. There are hundreds of you in my FB..And I treasure you guys more than the friends status in there...Thank You

Thank You - To my extended family member...Paman-Paman, Mamu-mamu, Bibik-bibik and Aunty-Aunty, cousins, second cousins, mom's cousins...pendek kata..Everyone lah..Everytime I land myself into trouble..I won't worry much because I know that my family are the best... 

Thank You - to strangers who sent by Allah to help me to overcome my emotions..To help me to realize that there are more important things to think about rather than being overcome by sadness that caused by a broken relationship.

Thank You - to my teachers and lecturers..who inspired me..who taught me well..and showered me with knowledge

Thank You Allah... Because they were all sent by You to help me..to make me a better person..to make me useful to them..and to make me love myself more..


Happy Birthday to me..

Mohd Hafiz Safwan Bin Md Rijani
31 Ogos 1983
1.20 am

The last thing I want it to happened

But it happened..
after 259 days.

It shows the true colour of mine..

It shows the ugliness of mine..

And all that happened in front of you..

I'm not a cheater..I am, but not to you..

You know my feeling towards you..and to see you in pain was the last thing I want to see..

To end our relationship was also the last thing that I wanted to.

But it happened..on the 259th day.

We both know and remember how it all started..we both know how we treat each other since the beginning of our relationship..We both know the mistakes that we've made towards each other..

It was my mistake..For failing to understand you more...

It was my mistake..

Yes...It was.

Thank you for everything..
Thank you....

Today's Entry...after 259 days...


But not available...

Less than 48 hours...I'll make a fresh start...If I don't do that..I won't be able to move on with my life

I hate to do this..but I need it..for the sake of my future..my life..my soul..
Thank You

Today's Entry...after 259 days...


But not available...

Thank You

Advance Birthday Wishes

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahiwabarakatuh,
Ok..My Birthday (same with Cik Da) is 10 days ahead...

I wished two friends for their birthday (today and yesterday) and received 3 advance birthday wishes..which makes me blurred for a while before I realise that mine is not far away too..It's from Hannani (19th August, Suria 20th August and Santz)..Thank You So Much!!! hehehehe (jgn salah faham lak...ni luahan perasaan jer nih)

I'm getting older..In fact..we are all getting older..but Birthday marks the official date for our yearly age to be +1.This simple summation at that particular date was once welcomed... And it starting to annoy me...HAHAHAHA

I'm just 26 years old---currently--- and I'll be a year older...Lucky to be alive, well and healthy...Although without any achievement that can be proud of.. I should be thankful that I'm given the chance to redeem myself. Hopefully to be useful to others and most importantly to be someone that my parents (and myself) can be proud of....I SHOULD
I'm 26 years old, former UTM dropout who managed to finish his diploma course and struggling for my final semester bachelor degree..While most of my friends are working...earning..married or getting married, have kids (and some of them already have 2 kids)..Even my younger brother are married and have a lovely daughter (Wak Nang balik niiii..tunggu tau).....I should be thankful because I'm blessed with  SUPER SUPPORTIVE parents and family..I should be thankful that they gave me a chance...I should be thankful that my mom works extra hours to pay for my tuition fee so that I can be a full time student..I SHOULD...

I'm Just 26 years old, not available and currently looking forward on how I can seal the relationship I have the fastest way I can..I have nothing..My target is within a year from now but let see how it goes. I should be thankful...for everything I have endured..the one that I want the most had given me chance for me to feel that again...It's killing me cause I can't take it further (engagement) ..but again...I should be thankful...I SHOULD..


"Ya Allah, Kurniakanlah aku kesabaran..kurniakanlah aku ketabahan..kurniakanlah aku kemudahan..
Permudahkanlah urusanku sebagai fisabilillah..
Permudahkanlah hidupku agar dapat aku berbakti kepada orang tuaku, keluargaku, sahabat2ku, guru2 ku serta mereka yang engkau kehendaki untuk beroleh manfaat dari ilmu yang telah Engkau kurniakan padaku.

Jauhkanlah aku dari fitnah, malapetaka dan maksiat. Berkatilah perasaan yang Engkau letakkan dalam hati ini agar dapat aku satukan 2 keluarga. "

Amin Ya Rabb

A bit about what the hell I'm doing currently


Currently, I'm all out for my FYP II (Final Year Project). Not 100% but enough to say that I'm sweating like a pig, had several sleepless night, getting high on petrol (both regular and premium grade), my pockets are drying up faster than usual, my eyes started to form eye bag (eewwww..hahahaha..since when I care about my face?)..

My project is about RON 95 and RON 97 petrol... a theoretical investigation..

Playing with petrol...sniffing the fumes..arghhhhhhh..

How to be nice when you are not in the mood?

Lately..my mood swing was unbelievable..a'la PMS..hahahaha

Even Ikin wasn't spared..she knew..and she asked me to drink water right after our conversation ended..which makes me wonder...Is it too obvious? I try my best not to show it off...mind you..it was a telephone call. Which the only culprit is my voice tone..WTF!!!!!!!!

Lying is one of my speciality. In some occasion..I over did....like pretending to be in great stomach ache..for the sake of an MC...I got what i want..+ a buscopan jab too( not once...I did that twice)....hahahaha

But seems that I'm losing my lying senses...

Yeah..something is bothering me lately.. and the question is the same...."to..or not to..?"

Multiple choice question...

Subjects are about subjective thing..which is difficult to measure.. Another question is Why?

May Allah bless us with His guidance.
"Show us the straight path..The path taken by those who Thou hast favoured.Not (the path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.." - Al-Fatihah.
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