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A thought of my self.."Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none." Benjamin Franklin


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After 8 years...

The Final Episode of 'The Trainee'

It's been more than 5 month. Starting from 5th July 2009 till this Friday (11th December 2009).

5 month of experience...the end is near.

There's no more:
1. Waking up early (at 6am)
2. Drive up 46km to work.
3. Traffic Jam (somewhere at the end of the bridge)
4. Drive back 49km.
5. The rumbling sound of the Power Jack n Milk Run. (i''l miss it dearly)
6. The beeping sound of the Andon.

A new chapter will be replacing 'The Trainee' starting from 4th January 2010.

I'm grateful and thankful to all Robert Bosch Power Tools Sdn Bhd 's personnel.

The THANK YOU VERY MUCH award goes to:

Sandy Chan Hooi Soo - My Boss, My Supervisor (Super Women also..hehehe)
Jenny Khoo Su Yean - My previous supervisor
Mr Thaitchana and his team of NPIs - Bala, Ang, Raja, Anand, CM Lim, Kana, Kumar
Packaging Team (dismissed Sept 09) - Mr Zabani (Pakcik!!!!!) and Zul (Packing Boy)
Wirda - Boss's Sec.
SS Lim - MFG Boss
Mr. Chee - MFG deputy boss
Balu - Motor Line Boss
All CCL - Pung, Jagjeet, Law(Thanks for the wishes), Azhar, Shaik
All PE - Jess, Seah, Cheah, CL Lee, Yeap, Murugan, Tan Tian Heng, Jega, Razaly (Selalu buli aku jugak nih..hehehe)
Lim Boon Yang - SAP system
All Supervisors - Murugan, Bala, Baisal, Nazri, Shaiful, Kak Ummi, Eelam, Nasir, Nazri...and All
Fazura, Maisara, Shahimi, Zaim,shahrin
LO, Feeder and Operators of Shift A n B
Process Auditor - Kak Ika n Naimah
Training Center Personnel - Gotha (THANK YOU for the wise thoughts), Laili, Sangari, Ibrahim, Mazlan, Nuweeta, Ratha
Warehouse guys - Zul, Shahir, Nazri, Di, Forklift, power jack and milkrun driver.
CLP - Semua2lah
PJM - Irwan Muzaffar n Bak Kah Fei,
Contract cleaner - Pak Cik Chot (sudi temankan aku makan tgh hari) and one bangla guy who help me when i accidently injured my finger.
Kak Ruby
Fellow Trainees - How can I forget you guys..Keep In touch eh!!!! > Miss Chong Yoke Mun, Sebastian Schaetzl, Miku @ Ch'ng Beng Khoon, Oh Su Min, Loke Jun Hao, Ah Boon, Stefan and also the JUNIORS!!! Anthony, Heng, Marcus, Chua, Mit, You,
HR - Janet, Norezan
CFA - Dunno who but THANK YOU for the Cheques.
Guards - Their friendly faces made my worst day become better. Pak Ya - Thank You for driving me to the clinic .
Mr Schanz - Plant Manager > We never spoke but thank you anyway..hehehe.

It is time to say goodbye. Thank you for the 'life changing' experiences.
Thank you for the inputs. Thank you for the wise thoughts. Thank you for the allowance. Thank you for your hospitality. Thank you for the subsidize rice. Thank you for the help. Thank you for the guidance.....THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

BeQIK, Be Better, Be Bosch.

Together We Progress

Mohd Hafiz Safwan Bin Md Rijani
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