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Industrial Training...4th Week Review


The last post was about my brother. I tried to write about my early secondary school life in SMKANT but I lost my eagerness when I recalled some of the thing that I don't want to remember. It is still in draft and I'll go back to it later...not knowing when it will be..hehehe

This post is about my Industrial Training in Robert Bosch Power Tools Sdn. Bhd.. It's been 4 weeks already. I am attached to manufacturing department as trainee along with 2 more trainees, Mr. Sebastian Schaetzl and Miss Chong Yoke Mun.

I had to travel 95km daily (46 & 49km)..RM10.90 for tol per day +RM 10.00 for fuel. Sigh..

That's the price that I have to pay (Actually my mom paid it all..THANK YOU MAK!!!).

The first week was Boring..So much waiting and waiting and waiting. Lost my HP..Good bye 0134749056

The second week was OK. There was a workshop for a certain line. Initially involve as observer. It will become my task starting in September.

The 3rd week was about helping the process engineer. Done some clerical work. Wondering around the production floor. 3 days MC due to injury.

4th week was HECTIC!!!!!!!! So much work to do.

Next week will be HELL particularly to the packing group. (I'm one of them)

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