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Adrenalin Rush...Nearly Crash in to Some Idiot...Alhamdulillah takder apa2 berlaku

I was riding my beloved moped bike (my YAMAHA 110Z- PGR 9746). The road was wet due to a heavy pour minutes before. I came from the front gate of UiTM and riding towards Seksyen 7 (going home). When riding down the hill(after Baiduri Apartment) at approximately 80-90km/h(the speed limit is actually 60km/h), I spotted a car at the U-turn junction(before Shell S7). Suddenly, the idiot driver entered my way as I was about less than 30m from the junction.

Gasp!!!! Mesti langgaq punya nih...Cilakak..cilakak..cilakak...tekan brek... alamak... moto terseret dah nih..lepas brek sket..aik..dok laju lagi..tekan lagi....alamak..senget kot belah ni pulak...lepas brek lagi..tekan lagi..senget lagi(tukaq side lagi)... jangan jatuh.. jangan jatuh.. jangan jatuh.... alaaaa..... dok laju lagi...tapi kalau camnih langgaq insyaallah takdak apa2 punya eheh..tukaq side lagi kaa...adus2...lepas brek sket macam ABS(Anti-Lock Breaking System-HowStuffWorks) ...Okeh.. dah lepas.. Sepp baik tak langgaq.. terer jugak aku tak jatuh..alhamdulillah..cilakak nyer driver..kasik hon sama dia ...Pinnnn... pinnnnnn... pinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Guys..that conversations was what i told myself about during the split seconds. I gave an angry look to the driver and smile after realizing that the driver was a WOMAN...That is what I expected. The smile was given not because she is pretty(biasa2 jer)...but it was because of her mistakes.

I rode further and stopped in front of Unisel after my body felt strange due to the effect of adrenalin rush. My hand was trembling, my heart was racing and i felt strange. I waited for Sudin to arrive (he was with me but I left him behind----quite far actually)..I told him what happened and he told me that the car stopped there(at the middle of the road) when he arrived at the scene.
(((More on Adrenalin@ Epinephrine)))

I observed that most of our female driver had low level of judgment when driving. I said most of them...not all..and don't tell me that I'm gender biased.

To female road user and some idiot male too...please understand that you shouldn't make a U-turn when someone is coming down the hill fast...Let the road cleared 1st before you make your move. I know that I was wrong too, but I'm sure that if I was moving 60km/h, the same thing would happened(the different is that I can stopped earlier on shorter distance) and the car will still stand in my way dangerously.

Here are some tips to Drivers.

Before moving into junction or making U-Turn or entering others way..pls observes:

1. The average speed of vehicle by counting slowly (from 1 to infinity) from the moment you saw one until it passes you. You might need 6-9 seconds to move safely and 10 seconds to reach the cruising speed. All together would be 15 seconds window. By observing this you will know the safe distance of moving vehicle on the desired road before you make your move.

2. When the road is wet, the time window should be wider(20seconds).

3. At night, drivers would observe that it is difficult to predict the speed of the incoming vehicle due to several factors (relative motion page 3). At day..the light from the sun help us to judge by showing the world. We judge by comparing the static things at the road sides with the moving car. This help us to determine whether the incoming vehicle is slow, fast or too fast. But at night, the road light is insufficient to provide us the same amount of data needed as we can only see the front light. Therefore, drivers were advised to take extra precaution and not making any hasty move without thinking.

4. Free your mind from any issue, focus on the road. Observe kids playing at the road side. Observe the vehicles in front for any sudden changes. Some forgot to put signal before turn left of right but we can predict this before it happens by observing.

To idiots(Unruly or Female or Male Or Malaysian or Chinese Malaysian or Malay Malaysian or Indian Malaysian or every ROAD USER)...I'm calling you IDIOTS because it is what I AM TOO... Learn from your own mistakes and others mistakes to become a better person. But please, avoid making stupid mistakes. If it couldn't be avoid, then someone would loose his or her life(or become bedridden) just because we refuse to become smart enough on the road.

Long live IDIOTS...

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pandulah dgn cermat... igtlah org tersayang...


pandu cermat....jiwa selamat...berhati-hati dijalan raya....


syukur u're okay dik.. ingat lg tak wajah pompuan tue, meh akak tibai sehayun dua! (marah ni!) kat area tu dah byk kali eksiden.. ade yg cedera parah.. sbb nyer driver tak reti nk bersabo!! (terr emo plak pepagi nih).. cian adik bushu, dah ok ker trembling nyer tu?


Dah ok dah kak..tetiba dapat berita baru lak smalam..jadik balik trembling nih..tapi berita baik laa...i'm going to become an uncle..yeahooo


nak jd uncle bushu ye.. patut la ngidam eskem..


busu, jgn bwk moto laju2.. bwk slow2.. patuhilah sudin, pemandu paling berhemah..


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