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The Scapegoat - But the issue was not just about them..it is about us too...hmmmm

The privatization process of our beloved IJN drew a lot of flak from the public. And now the cabinet suspended the idea ((SOURCE)).

The government responded earlier(to defend the decision) that the doctors will get better pay if IJN is in Sime Darby's hand. This is due to the demands made by the doctors of IJN since their other colleagues in private hospitals received higher salary. But the doctors responded - ((Read Here))

Personally, I agree that privatizing government body could make it better. But this is a hospital. Read A. Kadir Jasin's scribe. click here

I don't want to talk about any conspiracy theory. I believe that the decision to give it to Sime Darby is a good one. But a complete study should done 1st.

3 people wrote something:

ape yg scapegoat nye? kureng phm aku dlm pengunaan scapegoat dlm post ni... for me, it's all about d money... by doing so, they could squeeze all d hard-earned money from d old folks yang mlepak kt IJN, termasukla atuk aku...


They use the doctor demands as excuses laa..

last2 Dr2 tu buat statement- jgn gunakan tuntutan mereka untuk menjadi penyebab kepada privatization process nih..katanya depa nak terus bekerja dalam keaadaan sekarang tanpa perlu diberi kepada Sime Darby.

Mula pikir cam hampeh jugak..last2 yang nak terkena nanti sapa?


scapegoat tu sejenis binatang peliharaan ker atau binatang ternakan?... boleh dibuat MLM ker?...

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