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A thought of my self.."Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none." Benjamin Franklin


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Sneak Peak..this is what happened at my house and at Hasni's house. 22/11/08

Dear readers,

This is my brother. His name is Mohd Hafiz Hilmi and he is the 2nd from 5 siblings. He is married to Noor Hasni and was solemnized on 20/08/2008. To view their akad nikah's picture, click to link provided or you can go to http://www.skidezourus.multiply.com. The picture was bundled in 4 different folders. The folders:

1. Malam Sebelumnya dan Hantaran
2. Family kami ketika hari tersebut
3. Akad Nikah Mohd Hafiz Hilmi
4. Selepas selesai akad nikah Hilmi & Hasni 20/08/2008

The Wedding Reception

Next is the wedding session...Hasni's place was on 22/11/08 while our's was on 23/11/08
As you can see, he was quite jumpy that day..hehehe..stage fright kot!!!..hahahahaha

A picture with my parents..he tried to cover his nervousness.

He he he heeiiiiii hang jebat...lebih baik ko turun...posing istimewa di pagi hari.

Since the next day(23/11) is our big day, my parents decided not to go to their besan's house . So my father appointed Wak Nang Sipin(Wak Lanang Arifin), and his wife Mak Iti(my mother's sister) to act on behalf of them.

The 3 siblings which wore the same them color of the day. (Izzati, Muim, Hilmi)

Rilek la bro!!!

The bestman for both occasions(at Hasni's and my house) was Syahmin(our cousin, son of late Mamu Yusuf who passed away on July). Hilmi chose him to honor Mamu Yusuf since he was the one who brought my father to my mother's house for their wedding. A primary school teacher which is single and available(true when this post is written). Anyone interested?

Pegi mana lak nih?

Actually..there are too many picture to be captioned 1 by 1...Tak larat laa nak upload satu-satu..so I'm inviting U all to visit my other pages on Multiply.

Click here
or go to http://skidezourus.multiply.com

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