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Music..Now..Why should i write about this?

I was thinking on writing on other subject..(a kind of taboo thing)..but my roommate Apek said: "Ko tulih pasal perkembangan muzik dari zman dulu ke zaman sekarang,". ... We were listening to a bunch of 80's and 90's local rock music. We talked a bit about the quality possessed by the song that we were listening to and compared it to the present or newer pieces.

Why do we listen to Dewa19 pieces? I really believe that their lyrics SUCKS (For some of their songs only...in other hand, some of it could make you insane). Listen to their song again and try to count the number of instruments used for each of them. Too much isn't it. They were 'colourful' musics. The song lived not just because of the lyric but also because of the 'colourfulness' of the background.

What am I trying to tell here is that local musician should work harder. Local indy band were aware of this and it paid off. Their fan is huge and the industry seems to be in a very good shape. Once again, we can be proud of our local talent.

Just trying to get something off my chest. hehehehe..

7 people wrote something:

"takda apa-apa.... kita cinta-cinta saja..!" hehehe.. whateverpon 80's songs are still gooooooooodddddd bro....


Yeap..80's rocks bebeh..

Mari mendengar rock lama2..


mmm makcik dengar lagu yang tak terkini ..asalkan sedap liriknya dan tak membingitkan telinga ini..:)


Apsal makcik lak...hehehe..Agree with u Dr.


i'm not really into rock..but still can tolerate slow rock like most 80-90's local band..Q:kenapa nak cari muzik yg membingitkan kalau ada yg lbh mendamaikan?
~~~~hati bukan kristal,
telinga bukan kuali...~~~


Huhuhu..Suria, tak ramai orang minat muzik bingit nih. Secara amnya muzik rock lama (slow rock, Rock Kapak, rock biasa) memang sedap didengar. BPR, Gersang, Exist, Deep Purple, Guns n Roses, Scorpion, Metallica..huhuhu..best tuu lagu2 diorang. Even jenis rock hybrid yang latest nih pun ok gak.. But i'm not into hardcore metal and so on. Tak sesuai...


hahahaha tak sangke lak ko amik serius cadangan aku kukui

btw, songs that were made before both of us were born are mesmerizing... the ones that are from the 80's are soothing... musics during the 90's are pacifying... nowadays? bullshitting

wey aku dh menceburi bidang blog... marilah mengimarahkan blog aku hehehe

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