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A thought of my self.."Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none." Benjamin Franklin


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About my Quiz in FB (How Well Do You Know Me?)

Below are the excerpts taken from 'How well do you know Mohd Hafiz Safwan?' quiz in facebook. Answers with a tick on the right side is the correct one.

1) The nickname 'Busu' is because...
a) I'm the youngest in my family
b) Someone said that I look like Ahmad Busu
c) Given by my grandma
d) I want to have a cheeky nickname
e) Not in the list

Hezrin Hezrizal Bin Abdul Manaf a.k.a Manap F5 of Pendeta 1999 said it during my first day in Jenan.

2) My D.O.B (Date of Birth)
a) 31 August 1983
b) 31 August 1984
c) 31 August 1985
d) 1 September 1983
e) 25 December 1985

1.20 a.m Hospital Sungai Bakap, Seberang Perai Selatan.

3) How many Secondary school I've attended

2 years in SMKANT, A year in SMK Methodist Nibong Tebal and 2 more years in Jenan, Jitra Kedah.

4) When was my first crush?
a) 8 years old
b) 12 years old
c) 15 years old
d) 18 years old
e) 6 years old

Faezah Nor. I told you guys in the previous post..search it for yourself.

5) How many girlfriend did i have since I was born until now
a) 2
b) 4
c) 3
d) 5
e) 1

Only 1...lasted only for 1-2 month. The first..and hopefully won't be the last..i'm working on it.

6) How many Universities and college that i've attended
a) 1 Univ 1 Col
b) 2 Univ 1 Col
c) 3 Univ 1 Col
d) 4 Univ none Col
e) 5 Univ 1 Col

Kolej Taj, Trolak Country Resort (Mac 2001-2002)
UTM Skudai (Julai 2002-2004)
UiTM (Penang) (November 2004 - 2007)
UiTM (Shah Alam) (December 2007 - 2010)
Penang n shah alam is the same..they were under one management.

7) I wanted to become a ...........since I was 6 till 15
a) Doctor
b) Male Nurse
c) Air Force Pilot
d) Lawyer
e) Fireman

Yeah!!..until I received the offer to go to Jenan to be in Technology class.

8) I wanted to be like 'him' since I was in primary school. 'Him' referred to?
a) Rashid Sidek- Badminton Player
b) A doctor at Klinik Bakti-Doctor who circumsized me
c) Dr. Mahathir - Prime Minister
d) Leftenan Adnan - National Hero
e) Dr. Hamid Arshat - Gynaecologist

I always watched him in TV. I only know that he is a doctor..but don't know his speciality. My mom wrote in my school project that my ambition is to be a qynaecologist. That is when I knew who he was.

9) I currently riding ................. .
a) Honda Wave 125
b) Yamaha Lagenda 110Z
c) Yamaha 125ZR
d) Honda EX5

PGR 9746

10) I was a teacher at 6 schools but never taught this subjects
a) Agama Islam, Moral, Seni Lukis
b) Pendidikan Jasmani, Kajian Tempatan, Pemulihan
c) Pendidikan Sivik, Bahasa Arab, Teknologi Maklumat
d) Bahasa Inggeris, Matematik, Sains,
e) Muzik, Kemahiran Hidup, Bahasa Melayu

Svik- new subject, Arab - Afraid I might teach jawi and ask them to recite the word in arabic manner.. Kombiuter 'adalah sa-buah alat 'ei letrik* , Teknologi Maklumat- Most teachers for this subject is male...they don't get pregnant.

11) I wasn't into sports but I did represent SMSAH(Jenan) in...........
a) Petanque and Boling Padang (less energy sport)
b) Bola Keranjang (no reason)
c) Sepak Takraw (because the other player was sick)
d) Taekwondo (Because I suit the category)
e) Bola Tampar (I can dig well)

Jitra open, bantam weight, 3rd place.

12) Place of Birth, Hometown, Currently in
a) Teluk Intan, Ipoh, Nilai
b) Nibong Tebal, Sg. Bakap, Kuala Lumpur
c) Sg. Bakap, Nibong Tebal, Shah Alam
d) Georgetown, Jawi, Klang
e) Alor Setar, Jitra, Ipoh

13) I'm mix of what?
a) Jawa, Chinese, Indian, Burma, Malay
b) Malay, Indian, Bugis, Chinese
c) Bangladesh, Pakistan, Jawa, Chinese
d) Minang, Chinese, Malay, Caucasian

Mom's side: Jawa, chinese (my grandmothers mom)
Pa's side: Burma (Ibrahim Burma, my grandmothers father), India (My tok wan's side), Malay (My grandma side)

14) I Never was a ............................
a) Abang Kantin (???)
b) Cikgu (hihi)
c) Baby sitter (for money)
d) Clinic attendent (helper)
e) Motivator (hoho)

I've done it for free

15) Favourite Colour, Favourite Food, Favourite Drink
a) Cyan, Nasi Ayam, Milo Ais
b) Red, Nasi Goreng USA, Teh Ais
c) Green, Lamb Chop, Ais Kosong
d) Red, Nasi Campur Hakim, Orange Juice
e) Blue, Ikan Keli Bakar, Carrot Susu

Blue, Ikan keli bakar, carrot susu...favourite

3 people wrote something:

last sekali tu aku nampak tulisan ikan keli terus terliur, bestnye..


Hehehe..sedap tau..eih kat jepun ada kan lagenda ikan keli yang boleh predict gempa bumi tu..tangkap ikan tu panggang laa..apa lagi!!!


First crush masa 8 years old! ish ish ish..

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