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ACL lutut kiri ku putus...Live Coverage from KPJ Bandar Perda

I’m writing from my bed, currently warded at KPJ Bandar Perda, to facilitate investigation and assessment to my left knee injury. After done with x-ray and MRI, the doctor (Dr. Naharuddin) confirmed that my ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) is completely severed. Glad that the meniscus is in good condition although the injury was an old one.

Next is physiotherapy.

The ACL reconstruction will be done in a month or 2..the doctor want to wait till the swelling subsided first.

Sejuk je rasa tulang bila dengar “Putus habis, Konfem kena reconstruct,”

2 biji skru..6 minggu recovery period..6 month b4 full recovery..

1 people wrote something:

macma mana recovery? oke.. pls share.. ay pon mangsa acl recon & mcl repair..

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