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A thought of my self.."Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none." Benjamin Franklin


The End, Interviews and A Smile

The End

I started my degree studies on December 2007. As a 24 years old degree student, I realised that I was way behind others who are at the same age as mine.

During my 1st semester in Shah Alam, I met an old friend who uttered "Ko tak habis2 menyusahkan mak bapak ko ek," when I told him that I continue my study there. He graduated and was an MLMers during his studies. Quite a successful cheaters (if you ask me bout him..I know everything he did).

Initially, I refused to go for bachelor studies. It was my mother who talk me in to it. After 6 semesters..the ordeal ended on 26 November 2010 when I submitted my finalised report. Later on 10 December, it was confirmed that I finished my bachelor studies with 2nd class upper. Finally...It's the end of the final episode of The Dropout, 2nd season.

All the sweat, tears, blood, money and time had been paid off. It's all because of my parents. They work hard to support me because I didn't have any scholarship or loan.

Thank You Mak n Bapak...Thank You...Thank You

Alhamdulillah..I finally finish off things that I've started 8 years ago.

4 December 2010 - My last day as tenant in 59, Jalan Kristal 7/78... It is a wonderful neighborhood..nice people..nice environment..I will dearly miss that place and the neighbours.


Currently I am in job hunting mode. Attended few interviews and applied numbers of vacancies..so far..no luck yet..

A Smile

Beautiful Smiley Face :)  - You might be reading it now...hahaha

It's funny n weird when we look at where a smile could bring us too. With a shear of luck and thanks to the enhancement of today's technology on social networking, I finally met the owner of the beautiful smile which I was looking for months. Glad to meet u smiley face!!!  :)

1 people wrote something:

ececewah... ne smiling sapa plak ne menyapa sahabat haku ne...
jom apply jadi driver aku nak...
hahaha... boy dah give up dah jadi driver haku...

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