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A thought of my self.."Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none." Benjamin Franklin


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4 month as Trainee..

Hi all,

5/11/09 was the last day in the office. But earlier, I've signed an offer letter to stay a month longer. My new last day in RBPT will be on 11 Disember 2009.

6/11/09...My access to the plant was denied. I couldn't get in. The screen showed 'Card is not registered'...WTF??? A rude way to start my one month extension period. However, the problem was not a big one..The guards were familiar with my face and allowed me in to continue my job. Since my supervisor was on MC, I escalated the problem and deal with my boss's boss.


During this 4 month, I endured so many problems. Ranging from personal to professional problem. It's true that problems with machine were more easier to handle compare to problems with human being. Dealing with people is more challenging than the machines. Until now, I never spoke to that guy from the warehouse.

Being a local trainee in local industry is challenging. The operators thought that I'm here to make their life more miserable. It's a different story when it came to foreign trainee (Germany). However, I hope that I had made a good impression to my employer.

Last 2 months were the most hectic. In average, I never arrived home earlier than 8 pm every day. Just imagine waking up at 6am, went out at 6.30 am and arrived home at 8pm. 3 hours is my life (before I went to sleep at 11 pm). The time were utilised to have dinner, facebooking, reading online newspaper, talk to my parents and sister. But then, I'm in better position compared to the operators and supervisors. They were on 12 hours shift (actually it was just 8 hour but now they are striving to clear the backlogs, 4 hours of OT) 6 days per week. Their shift start at 6.30 am. Imagine those who live as far as Baling and Sg. Petani, woke up at 4 am every day and arrived home at 8.30pm.

Last week, my visiting lecturer came to observe me and talked to my supervisor. Alhamdulillah, my supervisor gave a good impression of my performance to him. The only things left is to write the report and hand it in before 13/11/09.

As a 26 years old degree students, I receive compliments in the form of perceptions. Most of them thought that I'm 22 years old (max). I know what you guys think. It's a true story though. Hehehehe

So far, I'm happy with the training environment. That's why I accept their offer to extend my training period.

I'll be back in Shah Alam for my final year. I haven't think about my 2 years target. Next year will be hell.

Next year, I'll start thinking for my self more and less for others. It's not about being ignorant. It's about being fair to my self. I sacrificed a lot to others and at the end....Umm, ok..I just keep it to myself.

Personal life is great. Sometimes lonely. Ok..Most of the time. HAhahahahaha

Dear Readers. Sorry if I wasted your time.

Till then.

8 people wrote something:

"It's true that problems with machine were more easier to handle compare to problems with human being."

I hate how true this statement is. sigh.

P/s Wah, abg busu awet muda. hehe


oit pakcik, lama menSepi...
menyampah sungguh seh setakat 22 tahun apa kelas... aku sekarang siap diingat sebagai budak form5...
kahkahkah...ketawakan aku...
dah shrink agak nyer. pasal tu tak ada orang nak ngorat sebab ingat "under age".
(sekian statement 2X menyampah dari aku)


Amanda - Jiyuu: Yeah... Technical skill with rational way of thinking can only be applied to machines with problems..not human..We need more than that.

Huda - Makcik Huda: Owh...aku kena start pakai krim anti penuaan..nak celen ko..F5?..seriously?

This is my imagination:
"Adik, adik tak gi sekolah ke? Ponteng ek? Ikut mak gi keja ke?" Huda,"Tak bang, saya kerja kat sini. Officer lagi...kenapa..saya macam budak f5 ke?". Abang Gatal, "Er...Er..." terus berlalu sambil menepuk2 dahi..Hahahahaha

By the way, looks can be deceiving. I keep reminding my self that I'm a 26 years old full time students with nothing. Still have a long way to go sis...


Ceh, xpuas ati! Aku siap kena ingat lecturer lagi. Klo skali je xpe, ni byk kali! Xaci! Xaci! Xaci!!!!


Jiyuu - Amanda - You're not that old..Seriously????

Hmmm...Something wrong with that person..


Kenapa mesti letak nama sebenar sekali?

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