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A thought of my self.."Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none." Benjamin Franklin


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Sekolahku...Part 1

What I am today is the result of my educations. I'm nobody without it..I'm useless without it. Pretty sure that I'll become a burden to the society.

A quote from Aristotle: The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. (brainyquote.com)

I was brought up by my parents who were both educators. They met at a school name SMK Tun Syed Syeikh Barakbah, Sungai Bakap in 1980(I guess). My mom's house was only a stone throw from the school. My dad however travel approximately 40km every day (from Bagan Ajam, Butterworth) to work. Both were very committed to their job and to the education world itself. They married in June 1982 and settled down in a town called Nibong Tebal or NT(which always be reffered by the name Ninja Turtle by me and my fellow friends during my adolescent period)

My informal education seems like very formal to me. Every right or wrong, the do's and don'ts and roman and arabic letters, the syllable of every letters combination, drawing, music, speeches, toilet skills, discipline and other subjects were given without a cent. Plus, they provide me and my siblings with shelter, food, protection against negative influences, environment and against our devil side of nature. I can't remember clearly when did I started to read. My early memories were not as good as my friend (here). He can remember things since he was 2 or 3 years old but I only can recall some starting from the age of 4. I remember learning to read in Malay language. Learning Muqaddam was hard but I manage to get through. Special thanks to my father's rotan. It helps...really!!!

My early childhood education was in Taski Al-Arqam Taman Berjaya. Learned to recite the doa and the learned fighting there also. To be frank with you guys, I was a sissy at that time. Always cry especially after being bitten by a kid name Fahmi (he is a year younger than I am). Somehow I manage to be brave enough to fight him off after he bitted my brother(Hilmi). Hilmi was like "Abang, dia gigit tangan Emi..huuuuu," and I just throw a punch and kick Fahmi simultaneously. Next was Tabika Perpaduan by Rukun Tetangga Taman Seri Nibong. This is where I started my early chilhood education. I was one of the kid who already can read at that time. Most of them were still thought that A was an abbreviation of AYAM while I already can read out their names in the registry. Fahmi was also there. His mother was my kindergarten teacher. A very kind hearted, soft spoken teacher. There was another teacher, also kind and helpful but already met her Creator. Fahmi was still bitting people at that time but spared me..probably scared of me after what I've done to him. One thing I love about this kindergarten was plastecine or clay. There was lots of it and we the kids love it very much. I remember one stormy afternoon, I peeked out from the windom and saw a tree struck by lightning. The flash and thunder was so bright and loud, I was shocked and fell on back. Lucky there was this girl who helped me up.

During December 1989, I started my official formal education in an old school, in fact the oldest in Seberang Perai. Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Methodist Nibong Tebal was founded in 1898. The buildings were old. Old enough to give a child the education as it done to his or her grandfather. Me for example, the school was also the place where my grandmother's sibling learned. At my time, I stayed in the same class from standard 1 till 6. Not just me, we all did. There were 3 classes for each batch and we all will stay in that class till end. I was in Kelas 1 Merah, 2 Merah, 3 Merah, 4 Merah, 5 Merah, 6 Merah or Aman (there were changes to the classes name during my final year there). I was the class rep for one month during standard 1 and was appointed as the school prefect starting from standard 4. Cikgu Md Dali called us on day to meet him at bilik KH. 5 pupils from each classes. At first I thought it was a disciplinary action since Cikgu Md Dali was the Discipline Teacher. We all were shivering(afraid), but I suggested to them that he may want to appoint us to be the school prefect. They all took my words and began to relax a bit. When Cikgu Md Dali arrive, he acted as what I've predicted. When he ask who will be the Head Prefect, all of them(I think) answered simultaneously "HAFIZZZZ," (That memories is still fresh as it was yesterday because they did that again during my secondary education). I don't agree at first but later accepted it. My first task was to empty the classes during recess. Me, Amirul Akhbar Bin Amir, Brandon Lim Eu Chern, Ahmad Nazri Bin Abd Rahim and others(the male prefect) turned our first task into a 'police sentry' game. We caught them and send them to the staff's room almost immediately. My trousers get very dirty after I fallen in a puddle of mud during the chase. I was the Head Prefect for afternoon session (standard 4 was the eldest batch in afternoon session). I was the Head Prefect for Standard 5 and was the Head Prefect during standard 6. But I hold the title less than a month after Vasanthe Jothi A/P Rajapathy accompanied by Ooi Sui Li met me and ask whether I agree to step down and give her the position. I said yes and accepted the proposals-almost immediately. Amirul, Nazri other prefect was angry at me because of it. I couldn't understand why I did that but later in my life I learned that that will be one of my principles of life. By the way, Jothi was the right person for the job as she was very bright, she can play piano, dance traditional Indian dance, never 'ponteng' even for one day as if she never get sick and always take the 1st place trophy for academic achievement. Best student for all subjects taught there with exceptional to Pendidikan Islam(I bet if she was in the class she will get the trophy too). Ooi Sui Li was also one of the brightest student there but always being 2nd after Jothi.

My first crush was during standard 2. Cikgu Md Zain held his class outside the classroom (We were sitting facing a wall with murals of Rukun Negara) when we noticed that there was a girl accompanied by her parents walk passed us. I can remember clearly how the boys react to this 'commercial break'. Pak Ali (Fadzli Bin Hamzah) said "Huiyoo," , Amirul said "Cantiknya,"and others gave their comments on her.

After the class with Cikgu Md Zain we went back into the class for Cikgu Rafeah's. She arrived late that time and with her was that girl. Cikgu Rofeah brought her in and ask her to introduce herself. "Nama saya Faizah Nor Bt ? (Can't remember her full name and the correct spelling),"
Cikgu Rofeah then asked her to take the empty seat beside me. The other boys were so jealous at that time. What unique about her was because of her attitude. I broke a pencil into 2 pieces. Just for a show off (later I regretted because that was the only pencil I have). She then pulled out 2 pencils and """SNAPPED""" the 2 pencils fractures and travelled in to the dust bin and I was like "WAAAAAAA!!!" I fell in love almost immediately. But I don't know what kind of feeling was that. When I realise that I don't have any pencils left, she just laugh and gave one of hers. The boys gave me the title Mat Pit Pondan (one reason is because I cry a lot and the other reason was because they are jealous of me and Faizah..Hahahahaha) We used to chat a lot in the class. She also have a strange sickness. One day, there was a class photography session, She told me that she'll faint if she looked at the camera flash. So I told her to close her eyes and she did. She fainted a week after during the assembly.... hahahaha. Well..there were no fate between she and me + the pupils of SRK Methodist. She moved to Sg Bakap for standard 3 and later flew to UK as her father continue his study (that was what i heard)

---I'll continue the story on my secondary education..not about the teachers but the environments

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"she can't be exposed to the flash"
hey probably she's some kind of a ghost or something ^_~

really like to read more about the friend who can read at 3, but no link there... sigh...

finally, the untold legend of MatPit Pondan has been published...


1. Tq for noticing. dah dibetulkan sikit.

2. I was referring to you - 'Saya nak jadi Mahathir' kid.

3. Barang yang lepas, jangan dikenang. Kalau dikenang, meracun diri...hahahaha


OMG..i sounded like a partner in a big crime with Jothi. Cant remember much but thanks for sharing :) I bet she'll laugh when she sees this too!


1.No..that wasn't anything bad about it. In fact, the decision to give her the position was correct and should be done earlier.

2.Yeah..we should laugh!!! hehehehe I want my children to have the same experience as I was before.

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