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My 1st 'Sifu' of Thermodynamic was Prof. Amer Nordin Darus. An old man that poured out his wise thoughts in each session. At that time, I was in my 1st semester in UTM Skudai.

That old man always relates everything that he is teaching with natural phenomena that we encountered every day but we always simply ignored it. Phrases like God Forbid ("Allah tak bagi/benarkan") always came out from his mouth. I attended 90% of his class, got 39/60 for my carry mark(on-going assessment) and finally got C+ for Thermodynamic 1.

The next 'sifu' of thermodynamic was actually sifus. 2 lecturer for Marine Engineering System 1. This was one of the last subject that got me kicked out. I can't remember their name(selalu tuang kelas daaa) but I did kept an assignment for the subject. The title was "Refrigerating and Air Conditioning System for Submarines". I got 4/10 ...lost 4 marks because it was handed in late. I remember learning about heat produced by fruits, human, animals but I didn't acquire the knowledge to design a system to suck all the heat out from a confined spaces filled with such things. I remember learning about 'suhu selesa' or comfortable zone (both seemed contradict but it were the same thing) but I don't know how to use the psycrometric chart. I was so lazy (tak sedar2 diri lagi padahal masa tu dah Kedudukan Bersyarat dah). The final exam for this paper was a disaster. I forgot to bring my own properties table(or steam table)(I thought that they will provide it, I realize this when the exam begin). I went back to my hostel to get it back and it took my precious a half an hour. I entered the hall and glanced to the invigilators. The next thing was the temperature in that hall was too cold. I sat in the middle of the hall. 3 units of 2-3 HP(horse power) aircond were situated at my left, right and in front of me. It was ironic that the subject also included air conditioning topic. I start to answer the first question and 2o minutes later I walked in to the bathroom. The outside temperature was hot but my hands were still cold after 5 minutes. I walked in and tried to answer the next question..20 minutes later I surrendered ..with just 2 answers in my answer sheets.. I failed.

Later in UiTM Pulau Pinang, I learned Thermodynamics during short course (during semester break). My 'sifu' was Mr. Mohammad Abdul Razak. He was quite fierce but a very good lecturer. My carrymark was 39/40 but that wasn't good enough. At the end I get an A-. Next was Mr. Fairosidi which taught us Heat Transfer, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning. I scored A.

Almost all of my thermo lecturers taught me very well. This semester, I am taking Thermal Engineering which is taught by Assoc. Prof. Rahim Atan. Another interesting lecturer for thermodynamic.

World of thermodynamic involves various field of engineering. I don't know why but i like it so much..may be because it is the 'easiest' discipline among others (Dynamic, fluid, etc2)

What i like to write here was about a man by the name of Thomas Midgley, Jr. (May 18, 1889 – November 2, 1944).

He was the one who invented chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) in 1928 as a replacement for ammonia (NH3), chloromethane (CH3Cl), and sulfur dioxide (SO2), which are toxic but were in common use at the time as refrigerants. The new compound must not only have low boiling temperature but also non-toxic. He also invented tetra-ethyl lead or TEL which previously used as an additive to fuel. TEL was used as an antiknock agent which also increase the octane rating of the fuel. (remember the Leaded & Unleaded Petrol sold in Petrol pump not long ago, TEL was in the Leaded petrol)

Ironicly...both of his invention proven to be harmful to the environment and human. In Eastop & Mc Conkey book..it was stated that one atom of fluorine can destroy thousands molecule of O3(Ozone) in a chain reaction. TEL was later found to be the the caused of brain damage to the children. Lead is known as a toxic metal which can caused fatal.

He died in 1944..3o years before the effect of CFC to the atmosphere is widely known.

How did he died..in 1941, he became bed ridden because of polio. He designed a pulley and strings system to help others to move him from the bed. Again..ironicly, the system that he designed took his own life..he died of strangulation at the age 55.

I wrote this piece to remind myself and my dear readers about each invention or action that we are responsible for today may caused destruction later on. He may have good intention, but sadly he was described as 'the single creature that done the most damage to the environment more than other organism'....

Pity for him..

CFC(R11,R12,R13,etc..etc..etc) is still being used today but it is widely replaced by R134a which less harmful to the atmosphere.

::::::Source: Eastop & McConkey, Wiki:::::::::::::::

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ic.. kesiannya..
well tq for sharing..
i dont like fizik wat more all this engineering jargon..slalu markah yang paling teruk! buat hapa nak tahu kelajuan kereta/bas/lori tu??? huhu


pandai nyer adik acik ni.. keep it up.. jgn tuang kelas selalu tau.. anyway, acik tak belajo fizik kimia ni sume, so x reti lak nk bg komentar.. acik belajo geografi je, itupun rasa mcm %^&*@#..

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Dr Ida: I was so attracted to medical profession but ended up as an engineering student starting from f4. Mula dari situlah saya minat engineering nih..bila kena tendang dari UTM pun saya amik jugak engineering sebab itu jer yang saya tau..

Kak Farah: Welcome back!!..love to read all your posts when you were in Japan..best tuuuu..pandai..takdelaa. itu jer pun yang saya boleh score..yang lain semua hampeh.

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