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Breeding The Batch of Disaster

I believe that you(the one who is reading my blog right now) feel disgusted about things that is happening around us. I'm not talking about Global Warming or Fuel Hike. It is about the political scene..not in US or other country. Specifically, Malaysia...

Disgusted on how they are attacking each other. In Parliament or by mass media. You can even express your anger by showing 'rude' hand gestures in parliament and you don't have to apologize. Heck!!!What the hell are you guys doing. I repeat: "What are you guys doing?"

Don't get me wrong. I'm not telling my blog readers that I'm PR or BN loyalist (I'm UiTM Student, bounded to 174 act which prohibited me from being a member of any political party). I'm neutral.

1998-1999... It helps me to become ignorant to politics. Not just me...with some friends too. As the results, most of them were not a registered voters (even though they are eligible). When asked, their answer is that they believe posting ballots are NOT IMPORTANT as there are other things to be worried about. Totally ignore politics as the results from what happened during that time(1998-1999). I was like them too. I believed that politics is full of dirty tricks and THINGS. I tried to avoid reading political news(2000-2003). I even told my friends(back in UTM) that I was so disgusted and frustrated with the Malaysian Political Scene.

One day..on a bus journey which i forgotten the details. I sat next to an old man and we chat a lot about engineering stuff. Until he asked me on my political views. I said "Saya benci politik,". He just smile and ask me why. I told him that i believe that all the dirty things came from politics. I told him that I was sick n tired of our local political scene. Bla..Bla..Bla..then...He said, "Betul, memang politik tu kotor, tapi betul tak kalau pak cik cakap POLITIK TU SURVIVAL," .

This knowledgeable old man twisted my brain and i started to think about what he said. Politics is a tool to survive. Not only as an individual survival kit but as a survival kit of my RELIGION and RACE.

I was lucky to meet him. I was lucky because I stop being ignorant to this powerful survival tool. But not all of us (teenagers during political disaster) stopped from being ignorant. Most of us still ignoring politics till now.

This time, another batch of teenagers will become ignorant to politics. The product of disasters. Sadly, most of them are Malays and surely MUSLIMS. How will we survive in the future? We are breeding batch of 'not politically aware generations'.

Do something before it is too late. Tell your friends that no matter how dirty the politics are, it's their job to make it right. Don't ignore politics. BE PART OF IT BY BEING A REGISTERED VOTER. Don't complain about the government if you are not a registered voter.


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