Hafiz Safwan Thought That...

A thought of my self.."Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none." Benjamin Franklin


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Why do we read Blog?

1. It's free
2. It sounds like some real sh*t is going on.
3. It's cool!!!
4. Newspaper??? Never heard of it..Sorry!!!..owh..thinking of it..yeah.. I haven't read anything in the newspaper since the last 2 weeks. I remember now.
5. I'm curious about other people opinion
6. Balancing my input on recent matters. My style: Listen from both parties before judging anything.
7. I'm curios about people.
8. I like blogging and i consider bloggers as friends.
9. Do i have to mention all this???


I choose to read and write. I am free to read anything i want. I am free to fueled up my curiosity on recent matters. I am free to be a blogger.

Is it wrong to be a blogger?


Armed yourself with knowledge before interviewing blogger on national TV..


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