Hafiz Safwan Thought That...

A thought of my self.."Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none." Benjamin Franklin


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After 5 Weeks in Shah Alam..this was what i wrote in friendster bulettin

After 5 weeks in Shah Alam. What can i
say about it...((Thinking))

Road - Sucks
Buses - Sucks
Road Users(Generally)- Sucks(ada lesen
ke tak nih??)
Perishable prices - "Wutta F*ck!!!"
Environment - Sucks oso
Cats - Hoih!!!Apahal ko sepahkan
Neighbour - On The Left is OK, On the
right.."they thought they belong to
diff species."

2.4KM = 30 minutes to travel (BELIEVE

I do think that i'm asking too much.
But believe me, it may take a whole
year for me to feel comfortable.

I've been to:

Sunway Lagoon -Thanks to Ijat(who paid
for me and Loko) n Man Taro.
Putrajaya - Wedding reception at
precint 9(awek lama Sudin). Then, we
went to ALAMANDA.(Met Huda there)
Carrefour Kelang- 2X
Tesco Kayangan - 2X
Giant stadium - 3X
Giant Lai-lai (SS18) - 3X
LCCT - amik Khalid naik Savvy Nuar
Stesen ketapi KL - hantar Dunn amik
Pusing2 KL kui 1 pg - Sesat ngan nuar
masa nak cari jalan gi KLIA
Uptown - Macam haram, abis keta kotor
Alam Sentral- Jumpa Andy Lala ngan
anak dia(nama apa tah minah tu?)


Faculty - Good..i mean OK
Chicks - hehehe..ok wat
Housemate - PERFECT!!!
Food - loko is our Chef and we are
proud of him. (Dia Terer Masak)
UiTM - Less than expected... Ok lah..

5 weeks...i've met with a number of
long lost friends here. Friends from
jenan, Kolej Taj n UTM..Thank you guys
for welcoming me here. Thanks for
paying all the foods and
entertainment..hehehe..bila lagi nak
belanja kawan2...

3 more years to go..i think i can get
through all this. Pray for my success,
Pray for my safety, and Pray so that
i won't become somebody else.

-Your Friend who never stop believing
how lucky he is to have such friends.


I think i'm beginning to feel comfortable now...thinking that this is the only place that accepted me and giving me chances to repay my parents, taxpayers, and to all Malaysian citizen...

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