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Ridiculous JASIN


This is from The Star, 19 May 2007..

This is my thought on this issue..
Jasin - He regret
Why?- An incident occured on 9th May had been manipulated.
Who?- the Opposition
What?- All women in this country Tak puas hati with him.

Regretting about something and ..he is apologising for different thing..what the f*** is he doing..

Hope this metaphore will assist you(if u don't know what i mean)
if you killed someone(not intentionally)..you apologise to the family for their losses..n you regret..not for your action..but the murdered victim action...hahahahahahaha

Women...hope you don't fall for this trick..MP's..don't apologise if you don't mean it...or if you strongly believe that u've done or said anything wrong. It'll be better if Jasin ignored the request or apologising deep from his heart..

I regret very much about things i've said on 9th May in parliament which offended blablabla...sound better...

a qoute to think about:

"The man who insists upon seeing with perfect clearness before he decides, never decides. Accept life, and you must accept regret,"

Henri Frederic Amiel

Luckily..he is not my MP..Come on Datuk Zainal..show them that you are cleverer..bring up an issue and show them how smart Nibong Tebal is..

Statements by the two MPs

  • Mohd Said Yusof (MP for Jasin)

    "I regret very much that the May 9 incident in Parliament had been manipulated by certain quarters, which gave a negative picture of the incident and led to the matter going beyond what had actually happened in Parliament that day.
  • The fact is, as I told the Minister, we were only defending Barisan Nasional because the Opposition had belittled, and intentionally made unfounded, baseless claims. In that situation, it is the responsibility of Barisan representatives and government supporters to defend the leadership and Government.

    Here, I wish to say that the use of rude language by the Opposition against me had often touched on my honour as an MP. When the Opposition always raised matters that I regard as disrespectful and with the intention to insult and provoke me and other Barisan MPs, what is our choice?

    I don't deny that some of us do use disrespectful or crude words to counter the Opposition's arguments, especially when it touches on the Government's credibility.

    Therefore, in such circumstances, at times we go overboard in our words but it was never intended to embarrass anyone.

    Therefore, in the case of being carried way in the use of the 'bocor' word, if it offended the feelings of any parties and women, I put my hands together and offer my apology, but never at any time try to question my duties as an MP in defending the rights of women.

    Look at that day itself, I had spoken for an hour on the Human Trafficking Bill and defended women and children.

    In my Jasin area, all the women's bodies are given allocation irrespective of race. Since I was elected the Jasin MP I had successfully produced 62 women entrepreneurs, especially single mothers, in agricultural-based industries.

    Once more I would like to stress that this issue has nothing to do with discrimination of women or MPs being insensitive to gender issues but is merely a ploy by the Opposition to belittle the Government's agenda."

  • Bung Mokhtar (MP for Kinabatangan)

    "Like the Jasin MP, I come here today with a sense of responsibility and regret. And after meeting with the Minister in charge of Family and Women Affairs ... therefore the May 9 incident should not have become a big issue but the DAP had taken it up, through the mass media, and they wished to drag all women's groups in the country into it.

    We do not have any, even a little bit, of wish to slight or insult any woman because as Barisan Nasional MPs, as the Jasin MP has said, we defend the interests of all women in the country. In my constituency, too, we have single mothers and activities for women and we give allocations to them, we attend (their events). In the Dewan we understand the Human Trafficking Bill, which covers women, and this is our responsibility.

    But when it was raised by the Opposition as a gender issue, and with the media continuously highlighting the issue, it became an issue and many people were made aware (of the issue). Therefore, to heed the call by the Minister, we humbly, I humbly and with full responsibility wish to apologise to all the women in the country if they felt slighted by the words that we uttered. This was a result of provocation from the Opposition. And this is not the first time. It has happened many times when the Opposition provoked us and we defended. My duty is to defend the leadership, country and party. This I cannot avoid and I have no compromise on matters like this. But this does not mean that we wish to insult any (gender). I have a wife. I respect her and I have a daughter. So it never occurred to us at all to slight women in the whole country. In fact, we honour women. So, I hope with this open apology DAP will no longer play up this issue. Stop selling old newspapers. It is no longer laku (saleable). "

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